About Me

Hello there! I am Rajanikant Deshmukh, and yes, it's a misspelled version of an enormously famous actor in India. So, I prefer people to call me RK. (or アルケ in Japan) I did my graduation in Computer Engineering from PICT, Pune. After that, I spent a year in Fukuoka working for Rakuten Inc. and then I worked for Microsoft Research in Bangalore. Currently, I work at Quipper in Tokyo as a Software Developer. I enjoy my job in development, watching anime, photography, handcraft, and painting.


My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ENFP, i.e., Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception. You can read about this nature here. Some famous people I supposedly share my personality type are Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith and Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Never changing Geek

Coding occupies a vital part of my life. I love to code, and I spent most of my time on creating mobile apps, websites, and games. Sometimes I play with hardware and try to make meaningful circuits using my RasPi. Most of the times you will see me coding on my MacBook.

Totally Into Fiction

I am a great fan of MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, Mr.Robot. I once enjoyed Death Note, White Collar, Sherlock, The Last Airbender and Conan. Nowadays I enjoy TVF and Standup comedy.


This is one of my open source software. It is for DIY folks who don't want to complicate their life learning Android just for their Bluetooth enabled boards.
GitHub Play Store
It is an Android App built for people interested in literature and reading, like me. It's the app I spent 4 months in designing, developing from scratch and publishing. Soon, I am going to make it available for iOS.
Play Store
It is an emoticon engine which offers thousands of emoticons. When in Japan I needed a product which provides emoticons without advertisements, so I started building it. Entirely open sourced, free and NO ADS.
GitHub Website
This was one of the startup ideas I worked on and failed gracefully. I received splendid feedback from a lot of people and learned a lot about development in real life, teamwork, and startups.
Play Store

You can find my other projects on LinkedIn Page and GitHub profile.

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